Monday, June 30, 2008

K-drama fanatic!

Me~ a 9 ends 2 outs (9회말 2아웃) fanatic! yup! have been watching this k-drama for nights! Just finish watching the last episode few minutes ago~ I can say that it has a distinctive story line, the ending's a little simple but acceptable.

Well, I don't wish to be a spoiler to the ones whom are watching it or planning to watch, so I'm not gonna talk too much about the story here. BUT! gotta share 1 thing! the actors in this show~ omg.. they are all so muscular! LOL~

Let me introduce the macho men.. haha

My Ratings: Most handsome: Lee Sang Woo (most muscular too, look at his arms!), Cutest: Lee Tae Sung, Favourite Male Character: Lee Tae Sung (I like the way he cries, so cute! hehe)

Also, this drama~ they eat non-stop! I was mesmerized by the food *drools* especially when you see them eat.. listening to the slurps.. gosh hungreeee... yea~ I love korean food!

So, today korean cuisine's for my dinner! I cooked JjajangMyun! tada~~

a.k.a Black bean paste noodle

  • 100g diced pork (marinate with grated ginger, salt and pepper)
  • 1 zucchini (cut into cubes)
  • 1 onion (cut into cubes)
  • 1 carrot (cut into cubes)
  • 1 potato (cut into cubes)
  • 400g-500g korean cold noodles
  • 2 tbspn black bean paste
  • 1 tbspn corn flour + 1 tbspn of water (thickening)
  • 1 tspn sugar
  • 2 tbspn olive oil
  • water
  • 1 tspn sesame oil
First, heat the olive oil in the wok and saute marinated diced pork until cooked. Remove the olive oil, and put aside. Add in carrot and potato and stir-fry for a minute or 2. Then, add in zucchini and onion and stir-fry lightly. Pour in the water until it covers all the ingredients, cover the wok and let it boil.

Meanwhile, in another pot/wok heat the remained olive oil and stir fry with 2 tbspn of black bean paste. Stir in the black bean paste into the boiling ingredients, boil until the potato's soft then thicken with cornflour mixture. Lastly, add in the sesame oil.

Cook the noodles by boiling it for approximately 3 minutes. Dish on to a bowl and pour the sauce on top of the noodles, then serve it hot!

Tips: eat it with kimchee! hehe

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Its a Friday!

lalala~~ Fry daeeee!!~ City stores operate till 9! and......
What else? SHOPPING! hahaha

TEMT's having further reduction! *luring Emily* hehehe
Some of you may wonder what TEMT is? So here's what it say about itself:
Formerly, TEMT gave me an impression of a boutique selling "aunty" style clothing, targeting the elder/matured female market. Over the year, it is apparent that they had changed their target market to targeting a younger market. New stores were opened few months ago and some opening soon, with great store environment: luxurious and trendy atmosphere, yes! it tempted me in!

The clothes? Satisfactory! I love their new styles, bought few pieces during the City Store launch promo. Sorry~ didn't take any pictures of it.

Well, I'm short of pants now~ working everyday and weather's gloomy, so bought a pair today :)
haha and its grey again~ -.-|||

oh! wanna show something adorable~~~ look look!

Guess how much it costs??

ITS AUD500!! which means approx. RM1500, that's insane.. @.@
I tried it on to get a feel of such expensive pair of shoes haha.. nothing special about it LOL, just find it really adorable, i wonder who will purchase it? its @ Myer anyway.

That's bout it~!

Source: TEMT official website

Thursday, June 26, 2008

oh! oh!

After work, hopped on to the usual bus to get back home and gosh~ felt so tired, had a good sleep in the bus~ LOL....

Peeped into my postbox and oh! i saw a letter, so took it out and my name's on the letter, as well as my company's name on the top left.

*opened* it...
My Gift Card's here!!

and oh!~ CONGRATULATIONS dear~ for being an official Associate now~ Great Job! haha~ told ya, I'm always supporting you mentally ;p

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

*Ka Ching*!!

SALES are everywhere!! I've been shopping a lot lately! omg~ *ka ching* there goes my $$$

So, I decided to blog on my impulse purchases~ and I realised, the stuffs I got are mostly grey!

Here are they:

haha.. I'm loving all of it! Next week gotta tighten my belts~~ I promised myself *CONTROL!* lol~!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Anthony's a.k.a Mango's Circus Show!!

LOL! Check out mango's circus show! it will be aired on Swiss TV, Italian TV and Al-jazeera~~ and Cherylyn's Blog! :D this is really funny!!
Mango, u made my day! hehe

Visit the circus star @

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Bored and cold~ busy during the day, 'nothing-to-do' during the night.

and I don't like seeing this [the grey orb] when I'm bored!

why u PT me? u went BBQ without me~~~

Okay, leave those aside.. Let me talk a lil bout today~ decided to dine out today cos we wanna pamper ourselves!! hehe
Wanting to try something different, so my sister & I randomly selected a Restaurant.

Inee, minee, mynee, more!

POPPO was selected! a Korean and Japanese Restaurant located at Barrack Street, Perth City.
and we ordered~

Looks nice? The taste is as nice as how it looks!

and oh! just received a good news from my manager!!

Prize Winners –
NSW – Jocelyn Nguyen: for initiative, enthusiasm and great communication.
VIC – Richie The: for asking questions and getting answers – entering the first report for week 4
QLD – Lorna Talman: early report entry and enthusiasm – Thank You…!
SA – Kimberley Peters: doing such a great job that stores want to employ her
WA – Cherylyn Chee: for early report entry - please keep the photos coming…! !
that's me that's me! haha.. I'll be getting $25 gift voucher - yay! shopping!

Just for you~

Dear, this post is dedicated to you,

You've been experiencing a gruelling time since you started working... sorry I'm not there to support, but you must know that I'm mentally supporting you ok! always! ;)

As usual, I always go shopping with "buying you something" in my shopping list~ seee I'm sooo goood! hahaha

So, one day~ while I was browsing around the city after work, while waiting for my sister to finish her shift... Without noticing, I walked into a duty-free shop.. mayb its because of the SALES word that enticed me in.. haha

It was my first time entering that store.. and ooo! I saw wrist-watches! various brandee watches from Guess to Gucci to CK.. etc and *DING DING* I saw a couple watch and it stimulated my desire to need! I just knew its the one for us!

Nicee?? oh~ too bad you can only see it but can't wear it...yet! HAHA blek!

Love ya~

Friday, June 20, 2008

Winter break~

Finally, end of my semester.. thought of having a good rest, but out of the blue I am bombard with work! I deserve it though~ cos I told my manager that I am flexible. Imagine working 7 days a week evereedayyy means, no more shopping, no more long hours of sleep, no more holiday~~~

Yes, did try to squeeze some time for outing with friends, went Tony Roma's @ 919, Hay Street, CBD Perth.
I guess it tastes better compared to Malaysia? Can't really remember the taste though.. This is what my sister and I ordered...

yummie? yes it is! haha.. I like the beans [the one in the bowl], its one of the side dishes!

Francis and Ai Vea on your Baby GURL!!!

Isn't she adorable!!!
Can't wait to go back and play with her! :)

Blogin' from Mobile

This is my first time blogging from a mobile! It feels odd, typing from keypads.
I'm actually using my company's phone, trying out the internet features of Telstra Next G.
Better stop now, dont want the store manager to see me slacking ;p

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Reincarnation

Today, 18 June 2008 *looks at the time* 10:10pm. After few days of consideration, decided to relaunch my blog!

A little history...

My first blog, known as Pink Paradise, where I noted the little puzzles of my life, a blog that made me kept in touch with my friends as well as making new friends! But I decided to close it when I stepped into the 1st semester of Year 3. The busy semester made me incompetent in blogging, so there goes Pink Paradise.

Everyone must be wondering where I went! LOL sorry guys.

*Clears throat* Now, let me introduce you my new blog: A Journey with Dreams! I did not know why it isn’t pink now.. Black and white just pop out of my mind while I was designing and this is the outcome! hehe

What will be on it? Find out yourself!