Saturday, June 21, 2008


Bored and cold~ busy during the day, 'nothing-to-do' during the night.

and I don't like seeing this [the grey orb] when I'm bored!

why u PT me? u went BBQ without me~~~

Okay, leave those aside.. Let me talk a lil bout today~ decided to dine out today cos we wanna pamper ourselves!! hehe
Wanting to try something different, so my sister & I randomly selected a Restaurant.

Inee, minee, mynee, more!

POPPO was selected! a Korean and Japanese Restaurant located at Barrack Street, Perth City.
and we ordered~

Looks nice? The taste is as nice as how it looks!

and oh! just received a good news from my manager!!

Prize Winners –
NSW – Jocelyn Nguyen: for initiative, enthusiasm and great communication.
VIC – Richie The: for asking questions and getting answers – entering the first report for week 4
QLD – Lorna Talman: early report entry and enthusiasm – Thank You…!
SA – Kimberley Peters: doing such a great job that stores want to employ her
WA – Cherylyn Chee: for early report entry - please keep the photos coming…! !
that's me that's me! haha.. I'll be getting $25 gift voucher - yay! shopping!