Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Reincarnation

Today, 18 June 2008 *looks at the time* 10:10pm. After few days of consideration, decided to relaunch my blog!

A little history...

My first blog, known as Pink Paradise, where I noted the little puzzles of my life, a blog that made me kept in touch with my friends as well as making new friends! But I decided to close it when I stepped into the 1st semester of Year 3. The busy semester made me incompetent in blogging, so there goes Pink Paradise.

Everyone must be wondering where I went! LOL sorry guys.

*Clears throat* Now, let me introduce you my new blog: A Journey with Dreams! I did not know why it isn’t pink now.. Black and white just pop out of my mind while I was designing and this is the outcome! hehe

What will be on it? Find out yourself!

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