Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I've been demonstrating the Sony Cybershots (W series and the T series) for months... am starting to get attached to them!.. so I decided to get one for myself~ since the demo unit will not be permanently owned by me. I must agree that the newly released T series, both T77 and T700 are beautiful in terms of the slim design as well as the picture quality. However, sometimes you may find a bit pixel-ish for night shots (if its on Auto mode) and blurry (when its on twilight cos it takes longer to process and usually tripod's required as the SuperSteadyShot won't help that much), I get a lot of customers that are not really satisfied with the night shots~

But there's a way to solve the problem! The iSCN+

Basically, when you set it into iSCN+ (intelligent Scene plus).. it will take 2 shots in different scn modes not simultaneously but within 2 seconds when you press the shutter once. So, when playback, you will get 2 shots with different lightings (warmth and bright). Usually, I prefer the shots that has warmth lightings.. and yea, i'm pretty satisfied with the images taken =)

Anyway, my new digital camera:
I chose the red one! looks hot..! hehehe
Sony Cybershot T700

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Ok.. where was I? yup~ coffee at the Merchant~ I ordered a strong iced Mocha to gain back my energy and yea, continued shopping~~

and so, I went for a nice dinner~ at Arirang.. and had the Banquet, which consists of entree and the main course.
The entree dish is as above, and it was nice! and filling too..
they then placed charcoal into the pit, covered it with the hot plate and.. started BBQ-ing!
cute little bowls of Korean pickles were served as well :)

After BBQing the meat, take a lettuce, place some meat and some of each pickle, wrap it and 'aaaahhmmmm'.. hehhee.. yummilicious! very satisfied with the food! service are satisfactory too!

I'll end this post with my final picture


Saturday, December 6, 2008

My day~

Yesterday.. 5th December.. My B'day!.. haha~ A great day.. I was bombarded with b'day wishes :D from various media - msn, text msg to facebook~ thanks all! did appreciate all of the wishes! Love you guys loads~! Alas, all of my friends went back to their home countries.. sobs~

Basically, my day started real early.. I woke up at 7 am cos I was so excited over my bday haha kidding as I was expecting a delivery in the morning... and yes it did arrive! My Sony Giga Juke! purchased it at a GOOD price with the redemption of my company points.. whees~
Sony Giga Juke
Image Source: Sony Australia - Giga Juke

This pretty system here can store up to 15000 songs!! cos it has 80GB Hard Drive. Besides, it has a USB port, so you can easily plug in your MP3 and play your songs~! It allows you to transfer songs from MP3/CD to the HDD too! Handy ain't it? hehehe.. As expected from Sony, the sound is perfect!

After that, went to city~ had lunch and started shopping~ then went to harbour town to continue shopping.. I was so excited when arrived at Harbour town as there are many new shops now!.. omg~ I was crazy.. spend about more than an hour in CityBeach @.@~ the store is loaded with clothes and accessories, brands of Roxy, Billabong, Quiksilver, DC, Zoo York, Moolala and many many more~ and yes! VERY discounted! hahaha.. but it was a bit difficult to find the clothes/stuff that you want from the huge warehouse! haha.. well I'm a girl.. I'm fine with that hehe..

After that, I can say I was rather exhausted Lol~ hence slowed down on my shopping pace.. did few more stores visits then went for a coffee at the Merchant.

Hmmm~ shall I continue it on the next post? hahaha~

To be Continued...


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nine West End of Season Sale!

Image Hosted by
NineWest End of Season Sales

Further Sales for Nine West!
But the casual sandals that I like is still not on discount..
Let me intro the casual sandals a.k.a gladiator sandlas that I like!~


Image Source: NineWest-Jobilyn

Gladiator sandals are really in trend this summer! easily matched pair of sandals with dresses, tights, jeans, skirts. I kinda like the turquoise one and the gold looks really cool, but black will be the colour that I will purchase, guess its easier to match with clothes of any colours.

Celebs with Gladiator sandals: (from left) Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens and Mary Kate Olsen

Image Source: RunwayDaily