Saturday, June 28, 2008

Its a Friday!

lalala~~ Fry daeeee!!~ City stores operate till 9! and......
What else? SHOPPING! hahaha

TEMT's having further reduction! *luring Emily* hehehe
Some of you may wonder what TEMT is? So here's what it say about itself:
Formerly, TEMT gave me an impression of a boutique selling "aunty" style clothing, targeting the elder/matured female market. Over the year, it is apparent that they had changed their target market to targeting a younger market. New stores were opened few months ago and some opening soon, with great store environment: luxurious and trendy atmosphere, yes! it tempted me in!

The clothes? Satisfactory! I love their new styles, bought few pieces during the City Store launch promo. Sorry~ didn't take any pictures of it.

Well, I'm short of pants now~ working everyday and weather's gloomy, so bought a pair today :)
haha and its grey again~ -.-|||

oh! wanna show something adorable~~~ look look!

Guess how much it costs??

ITS AUD500!! which means approx. RM1500, that's insane.. @.@
I tried it on to get a feel of such expensive pair of shoes haha.. nothing special about it LOL, just find it really adorable, i wonder who will purchase it? its @ Myer anyway.

That's bout it~!

Source: TEMT official website


Flair Candy said...

hey Cher! I love the gray pants you have! gray looks good in also almost anything! Gray is the new black! lolz.. I love the rat shoes too! cutee!!! =) cheers!

Cherylyn said...

Hannah: omg~ I didn't noticed u left a comment here~ *shy*
ya I like the pants too, thanks! The shoes are too pricey for me~ LOL