Friday, June 20, 2008

Winter break~

Finally, end of my semester.. thought of having a good rest, but out of the blue I am bombard with work! I deserve it though~ cos I told my manager that I am flexible. Imagine working 7 days a week evereedayyy means, no more shopping, no more long hours of sleep, no more holiday~~~

Yes, did try to squeeze some time for outing with friends, went Tony Roma's @ 919, Hay Street, CBD Perth.
I guess it tastes better compared to Malaysia? Can't really remember the taste though.. This is what my sister and I ordered...

yummie? yes it is! haha.. I like the beans [the one in the bowl], its one of the side dishes!

Francis and Ai Vea on your Baby GURL!!!

Isn't she adorable!!!
Can't wait to go back and play with her! :)

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