Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just for you~

Dear, this post is dedicated to you,

You've been experiencing a gruelling time since you started working... sorry I'm not there to support, but you must know that I'm mentally supporting you ok! always! ;)

As usual, I always go shopping with "buying you something" in my shopping list~ seee I'm sooo goood! hahaha

So, one day~ while I was browsing around the city after work, while waiting for my sister to finish her shift... Without noticing, I walked into a duty-free shop.. mayb its because of the SALES word that enticed me in.. haha

It was my first time entering that store.. and ooo! I saw wrist-watches! various brandee watches from Guess to Gucci to CK.. etc and *DING DING* I saw a couple watch and it stimulated my desire to need! I just knew its the one for us!

Nicee?? oh~ too bad you can only see it but can't wear it...yet! HAHA blek!

Love ya~

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