Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Release...

Last night, the night where all Curtin students across the world were facing the rectangular screens, anxiously and persistently clicking into the e-student account to check whether the results are out.

The feeling’s like:

*click*.. dup dup dup dup DUP DUP DUP DUP *heart pounding*..

Cheh~ still empty... -.-~

[few minutes later]

*click*.. dup dup dup dup DUP DUP DUP DUP..

Cheh again~ not released... -.-~

Yea~ Started clicking since I stepped out of my bed and kept trying.. Until I decided to stay away from the screen for a while~ so I went shopping! and~~ Nine West's having SALES!!

and i bought 2 handbags!.. didn't buy shoes, though its really tempting! but i just bought a pair few weeks ago~

Zoom in ++

the black one matches with formal wear and the red one goes well with denim! wheeee :D

Came back from shopping, and yea.. started checking the results again.. but still not released~ T.T

Again, to distract myself, I popped over to my friend’s place, since they just moved in next block, so I went to see what I can help. Besides, there’s no internet connection at their place, so I can’t check~ LOL. Then, I did some clean up, arrangement of furniture, had dinner and so forth.

Tick tock tick tock~ it's 11.50pm, finally decided to go back.

and~~~~ *click click* ohhh~ its out.. *page loading* *heart pounding* *cold sweat* and *poof*... won't tell what happened ere! ask me if u really wanna noe HAHA.


jėss.T said...


wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love!

Cherylyn said...

Jess.t: me too, *five*. anyway, thanks for your comments :)

millymin said...

I suka the red one so much!
cilaka nine west!
masa i was there tarak so much sales lagi! tao yen!

Cherylyn said...

Emi: haha~~ both oso I like :) yea that time i think 20-30% discount only.. I saw a pair of shoes that I like~ but gotta control!.. :(

you must come again k! will b waiting for u! :D

Hannah said...

Cher cher! I lack the black baggy :) btw... I'll congratulate you again for the exams! (",) but btw, what exam was it? =)


Hannah =)

Cherylyn said...

Hannah: Thanks! that was my 3rd year 1st semester's papers. :)