Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Day of Uni

After a month of semester break, empty files, space on the shelves or cupboards are awaiting to be filled up by the pile of papers/notes of upcoming semester.

With just a blink, I'm already at Perth for a year and a half! This will be my final semester at Curtin. It MIGHT be~ who knows? I might be back to further my studies? :) So, started my first day with a mission: aim for Distinction List! Lecturers/Tutors I obtained so far are satisfactory don't feel sleepy in class at all :D glad to find familiar faces in my classes - gives me the feeling of "hmmm, guess I'm really back at Uni again!" Units of this semester are TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH! well, it is expected for final semester units, flooded with information, assignments, etc on the first day...not easy for me to digest! but I better launch my rocket soon LOL!

I believe the most interesting unit of this semester will be Business Capstone: one of the famous unit of Curtin. Basically, you will be given a task, where you are in charge of a company and you gotta plan the strategies for the company throughout the 8 years (8 weeks for us). There will be combination of students across Majors in the team. Something really unique I can say.

That's about my first day~ and.. what's for dinner?
TADA~ Bo-Bun: Vietnamese Noodles
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The recipe might be on my next post! TA!

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