Friday, July 11, 2008

The impromptu~

Last night, everything happened impromptu, let me list it down ;)

1. Friends came over to my place to borrow the Internet before their dinner, and
2. Suggested, lets go for dinner! - Though I had my dinner but my legs are itchy - wanna go out :D:D
3. Went out, then had dinner at Northbridge LOL niel's favourite place :P we wanted to try something new~ so we went in Billy Lee's Chinese Restaurant, but their service was really bad, they show "black faces" when we walked into the shop and they were rather rude at us! So we decided to leave~ and ate next door - City Garden Restaurant: their service was way better.
oops.. didn't take picture of the food.. I do not have the habit to do so~ LOL
4. After dinner, friend suggested: "Let's go camwhore!"
5. We went to Swan River's jetty at Mill Point Rd!

Image Hosted by
I captured this picture.. look at the couple :D *ahem ahem* so sweet~~ hehe
and Perth city's at the background ^.^

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ermm~ that's the trio - me, sis n parrish!~ it was freezing cold there~

ah~ no more pictures.. cos it rained after that T.T

6.Went back! and went to friend's place to upload the pictures!
7.Ended up, camwhoring in the room~ LOL

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Does this look like Trio in a bed? HAHA - mind us~ we are always 'high' when we get together!

Image Hosted by
I admit~~ we are crazy.. *blek*

I like the following pictures!!

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Image Hosted by
hehe.. i was playing Sam's electric guitar~ not used to it.. I only play classical/acoustic guitar..

That's it! tada :)
p/s: Parrish, lets go out more! miss the fun times we had in the previous semester.. and the memories' getting back~ hehehe

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