Monday, August 25, 2008

Oxford Brookes University Convocation

nah~ its not my convocation.. I still hv approximately 6 weeks to finish my final semester, time flies doesn't it? Oh yea, back to the topic - OBU's convocation, my dear's graduation! CONGRATULATIONS DEAR~ wheeee

Alas, I was not able to attend the ceremony.. sobs sorry dear.. but I'll try to attend ur next ACCA convocation! so all the best in your studies and work! xoxo!

Ah Zai, I thought I called u to buy a bouquet of roses for papa~! you didn't T.T haha jk~ *blek*


Hannah said...

waaah... wow chercher first of all congratulasi!!! 2nd... wow, i like your cruise your way sidebar i luuuuuurrrve it mwah!:$ :$ :$

Cherylyn said...

thanks hannah!! wheee hehe