Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting my skates on!

Earnestly, I have been slacking a little ever since my week break started, always giving myself excuses
"I don't have to rush, I have a week to do it". My work is progressing in such a slow pace, everything's still hanging!

Yesterday, when i peeped into the letter box, I saw an envelope with my name printed on it and my Uni's logo on the top right. I was like hmmm~ what is this? The letter looked rather different compared to the ones i received, usually on improving uni's service, invoice, student guild, etc. It has those white cursive 'Curtin' words printed on a light purple sheet, projected a luxury look ;) The letter reads:
The Vice-Chancellor's List was initiated in 1991 in recognition of academic performance, compromising the top 1% of undergraduate students in each discipline across the University. Your performance in Semester 1, 2008 has put you into this category. It is a pleasure to offer you my congratulations on this achievement...
My feeling: omg! are you serious?
and, it rings the bell! what am I doing? its my final semester! I better get my skates back on!

okay, off I go~ studieeeeeeee...!

p/s: Congratulate me! haha.. yes, I'm very happy!


~心诚哲灵~ said...

pheng pheng jie jie.. xD
of course i remember u ..
haha.. thanxx for visiting my blog~

was here~ =)

Cherylyn said...

lol hey rachel~ no worries! hope everything's doing fine there ^.^