Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Idol =)

Yes, I have been watching Olympics these few days~ to support cute guys LOL! and.. while watching the Basketball match between China and US.. *I noticed~~* omg! China's no.11 is really cute! lol..

So, went to googled him! :p typed~ China no.11 cos I forgotten his name T.T
Here he is:

and I went, ouu~~~ 易建联 Yi Jian Lian~~ so he is a NBA player in team New Jersey Nets lol~ and he is born in yr 1987! same as me HAHA.. but he doesn't look that young to me! mayb its because of his height: 7-footer!!! 0.0 no wonder he is called "the next Yao Ming"..

but he looks tiny beside Yao Ming o.O What will happen to me if I stand beside Yao Ming?! ><

Some cool pictures i found from google!

Any Jian Lian fanatic out there??? tell me more bout him! hehehe!

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