Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another day~

Finalleeeeeeee~~ a week break..
but there's a long list of things to do :(

Yesterday, I went to gym! hmmm.. not to keep fit~ its for my research on services *urgh* but I joined the 14 days free trial! I'll make sure that I maximise the utilisation~~! After that, I went to Utopia for Karaoke! oh i miss singing so much! *oops* didn't snap any pictures, was too busy emo-ing in the room with my sis hehehe.. its my therapy for stress :D

Had dinner at Hawker's Cuisine @ Chung Hua Lane behind Utopia. yup! i have pictures ^.^

That's meee~ my face looks rather pale.. lack of sleep -.-

and the food My sis and I ordered~

Food Ratings: Mee Kolok - Not bad!, Coffee S/Ribs - It tasted okay~ but its like something's missing, 3-layer Coffee - Yummy!

While walking to the bus stop.. Something caught my eyes!

Street bus! Yo yo! hahaha..

That's all for today~ *Mmuah*