Friday, August 8, 2008

Head Under Water

"Head under water, and they tell me to breathe easily, the breathing gets harder, even I know that..." adapted from Love Song by Sara Bareilles

That's what I'm experiencing now :( not in love but in my final semester. Its only my second week, and the things that I have to do is just SO MUCH. Classes of 2 days a week, ain't that sound nice? but how come I still find that time is so limited! Tried to space out giving high priority to my studies, so only working 2 days a week... can't shop so much edi~~~

Now, I'm leaving my books aside to relax a while, and too bad my blog's the victim for me to spill my emotions.. hehe Thanks bloggie :D

hmm...*Looking at my planner*
, lotsa things to do tomorrow~
gotta go to the selected fitness centers to ask their permission to conduct a survey on the services provided and to interview the management. Just hope that everything will go smoothly for me pray pray pray, I don wanna go running everywhere to get approvals...
gotta summarise the case study for my coming lectures...
gotta write notes on my previous lecture...
gotta read up Bitner article...
gotta finish up my news critique...

and dear capstone, I'll do whatever I can do about u k? haha... i'm getting a bit crazy talking to my unit T.T

No stress no stress no stress Girl you deserve nothing but the best... Leavin by Jesse McCartney

One step at a time, no need to rush... One Step at a time by Jordin Sparks
lol! just listened to these songs~ okay~ no stress take one step at a time, no rush.. :) Time for me to get my beauty sleep.. Panda eyes are appearing @.@ .. nities!

Wish me luck!

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