Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I've been demonstrating the Sony Cybershots (W series and the T series) for months... am starting to get attached to them!.. so I decided to get one for myself~ since the demo unit will not be permanently owned by me. I must agree that the newly released T series, both T77 and T700 are beautiful in terms of the slim design as well as the picture quality. However, sometimes you may find a bit pixel-ish for night shots (if its on Auto mode) and blurry (when its on twilight cos it takes longer to process and usually tripod's required as the SuperSteadyShot won't help that much), I get a lot of customers that are not really satisfied with the night shots~

But there's a way to solve the problem! The iSCN+

Basically, when you set it into iSCN+ (intelligent Scene plus).. it will take 2 shots in different scn modes not simultaneously but within 2 seconds when you press the shutter once. So, when playback, you will get 2 shots with different lightings (warmth and bright). Usually, I prefer the shots that has warmth lightings.. and yea, i'm pretty satisfied with the images taken =)

Anyway, my new digital camera:
I chose the red one! looks hot..! hehehe
Sony Cybershot T700

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