Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Back :)

Sorry guys, I've been really busy lately!... anyway, just came back from Perth~ yes! am at Malaysia now!...

How do I feel about Malaysia? i'm sweating a lot! shopping's not as nice as perth but food are still the best ^.^

Anyway, before arriving ere at Malaysia.. I toured at Swan Valley ;P

Image WA1
Image WA2
Image WA3
Image WA4

Basically, we spent a night at Novotel, cooked our own dinner, bought a big box of strawberries at AUD5, ate ice cream at Oggies, visited the Margaret River Choc Factory, camel ride at Cavershem wildlife park, visited Sittella's vine yard.. tasted wines and bought 1, went to Mondo's nougat factory as well (kinda disappointed with their service).

Coming post: Cottesloe ^^


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