Saturday, December 6, 2008

My day~

Yesterday.. 5th December.. My B'day!.. haha~ A great day.. I was bombarded with b'day wishes :D from various media - msn, text msg to facebook~ thanks all! did appreciate all of the wishes! Love you guys loads~! Alas, all of my friends went back to their home countries.. sobs~

Basically, my day started real early.. I woke up at 7 am cos I was so excited over my bday haha kidding as I was expecting a delivery in the morning... and yes it did arrive! My Sony Giga Juke! purchased it at a GOOD price with the redemption of my company points.. whees~
Sony Giga Juke
Image Source: Sony Australia - Giga Juke

This pretty system here can store up to 15000 songs!! cos it has 80GB Hard Drive. Besides, it has a USB port, so you can easily plug in your MP3 and play your songs~! It allows you to transfer songs from MP3/CD to the HDD too! Handy ain't it? hehehe.. As expected from Sony, the sound is perfect!

After that, went to city~ had lunch and started shopping~ then went to harbour town to continue shopping.. I was so excited when arrived at Harbour town as there are many new shops now!.. omg~ I was crazy.. spend about more than an hour in CityBeach @.@~ the store is loaded with clothes and accessories, brands of Roxy, Billabong, Quiksilver, DC, Zoo York, Moolala and many many more~ and yes! VERY discounted! hahaha.. but it was a bit difficult to find the clothes/stuff that you want from the huge warehouse! haha.. well I'm a girl.. I'm fine with that hehe..

After that, I can say I was rather exhausted Lol~ hence slowed down on my shopping pace.. did few more stores visits then went for a coffee at the Merchant.

Hmmm~ shall I continue it on the next post? hahaha~

To be Continued...


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