Sunday, December 7, 2008


Ok.. where was I? yup~ coffee at the Merchant~ I ordered a strong iced Mocha to gain back my energy and yea, continued shopping~~

and so, I went for a nice dinner~ at Arirang.. and had the Banquet, which consists of entree and the main course.
The entree dish is as above, and it was nice! and filling too..
they then placed charcoal into the pit, covered it with the hot plate and.. started BBQ-ing!
cute little bowls of Korean pickles were served as well :)

After BBQing the meat, take a lettuce, place some meat and some of each pickle, wrap it and 'aaaahhmmmm'.. hehhee.. yummilicious! very satisfied with the food! service are satisfactory too!

I'll end this post with my final picture


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