Saturday, November 15, 2008

Post-degree Life

Finally, I have completed my final paper for my degree. Never did I expect that this day will come in just a blink. My exams were alright, I guess~ hehe, the final paper was a little tough~ I actually dreamt of 1 exam question and it came true~! Omg.. I have psychic power. Don’t play play LOL.

Right now, I am flooded by feelings of excitement, joy, and delight! Am pampering myself a lot, went shopping straight after my last paper, bought myself a piece of pretty dress from Forever New (discounted from $99 to $19 HAHAHAHAHA)

Image Source: Forever New
that's the dress~ nice? hehe.. of course I don't look as nice as the model T.T

bought a pair of dress sandals too from NineWest (30% discount! Hohoho)
Image Source: NineWest - Basslin
that's the sandals, bought the black one ^^

what else? have been non-stop drama-ing (Japanese to Taiwan to Cantonese) and started to plan all sorts of activities to fully utilise my days in Perth. But, when there’s joy there’s sorrow – I have got to work almost daily T.T What to do.. I gotta earn some money to spend *evil laugh*. Besides, Christmas’s near my company’s in need of personnel, so y not take this opportunity?

Besides, I am really looking forward for […] – remaining of 29 days~ can’t wait.. am so excited XD Dreaming about […] every night. Hahaha..

Also, i am in the process of designing a new layout for my bloggie.. so stay tune! hehe


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