Friday, November 21, 2008

Life oh life~

gosh~ I have been spending quite a lot lately T.T hehehehe~
New stuff in my wardrobe:
1. A black floral dress from Forever New
2. Cute lil' "Please Don't Break My Heart" Panda T from Free Fusion

Image Source: (from left) Forever New, Free Fusion
Bought the dress cos its really cheap and nice too~ discounted from $69.90 to $59.90 to $29.90 to $19.90! hahaha.. For the panda T, the wordings don't really suit me {please don't break my heart}, my heart aint broken! =) but I bought it because of the panda! can't resist the cuteness hehehe and yup! discounted too *winks*
yea, i'm a shopper that only spend on discounted items.. cos the price will definitely drop somehow~ must shop smartly *grins*

Time to go to bed.. gotta work tomorrow.. ta!

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