Friday, November 28, 2008

holidays? have yet to come...

Can't wait for my real holidays..! Have been working almost everyday, some work that I have never done before.. T.T had to put up POS materials for stores, and even had to handle a cordless drill~ *faints* Christmas is near, sales everywhere, promotions easily spotted.. and people are everywhere busy shopping for presents.. including myself.. lol i gotta buy souvenirs back ^.^

While working.. some nice stuff that i captured, or can i say i was too bored waiting and played around with my camera. hehe.

sand art

and~ haha.. of course~ shopping! lol.. wat to do, every where's having sales and further reduction..
Handbags at Myer are all discounted (it will last for about 2 weeks, so ladies~ start your engine! hehe), spotted DKNY ^.^ was allowed to choose one of the 2 for my bday prezzie - it was a trade off between price and the design i like, ended up with the black one.. went for the design instead of price - was told that it was the last one in the whole Australia @.@ haha. THANKS DEAR! hehe..

And~ bought a skirt..
Pretty aint it? from Sportsgirl.. They are currently having further 20% on sales items.. hehe. Bought some souvies from there~ but not gonna display it! haha.. surprise for the ones who are gonna receive it *wink*

Signing off~! 17 more dayss!!!


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