Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Understand & Respect please...

It's not a good day for me... felt offended in class today, trying hard to tell myself it's okay... ate ice cream, but still feel a bit down..
argh~ i need your shoulder sobss..

some culture just think that they are so superior~ yea ethnocentric is the word. I feel that its a shame for them to behave that way..
Isn't it better if everyone is treated equally? everyone respecting each other? valuing each other's culture? Sometimes one have to learn to understand.. giving people chance to show that they have capabilities and listen~

To that someone, look around you.. you are in a country that has diverse culture, try to accept it, and don't be rude or look down on others...
Also, I owe you this: hahaha

Hahhh~ felt better! though i know that he's not gonna read this, but who cares! haha, as long as i'm feeling better~

gotta go back to my studies ^.^

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