Monday, September 29, 2008

Perth Royal Show I

perth ryl show
With just a blink of an eye, a year has passed... The Perth Royal Show is here again! and of course I went! hehehe... I was there the first day of the royal show ^.^ This year I get to purchase concession ticket~ half price *wheee*... let me share some pictures~
I am so not aware of the existence of these species of birds.. some looked weird, some are gigantic, and there are adorable ones too! especially the fluffy one! - just like a puppy.. hehe

Next are the doggies~ the dogs were HUGE O.O some were bigger than i am~ but I like these 2:
The loving White Prince and Snow Princess [just a random name for them hehehehe]~
They have Chinese Acrobatic performance too!
I really admire the girl with such flexible body~ her performance was great! the best for me ^.^
they are so cute!!! especially the pony~ look at its innocent eyes.. awww~

to be continued...
coming up next: yummiess!!

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